Message from the Chairman

Message from the Chairman

Welcome to German University Bangladesh (GUB). The technology is changing fast and merging with the information superhighway. The demand of education has been changing with the aspect of global economy and adoption of new technology.

Bangladesh Higher Education System needs higher standard and accreditation. The growing industry find it difficult to recruit skilled hands to cope with the demand. With this contrasting scenario we need to create intake capacity and switch over to new discipline that are needed to meet the challenges. The main vision of this University remains to produce skilled individuals equipped for research and production in the food industry, industries related to environmental protection technologies, human and animal health, Government Institutions, other Universities and research institutions,  development agencies and other teaching and technical establishments and information centres.

Along with a group of German experienced academicians, who were involved to develop the curricula have been included as academic staff and in the necessary bodies for regulation of academic program and management of the University. While developing the curricula and syllabus particular attention was given to Bangladesh socioeconomic context. The course duration has been made for four years with a view to acclimatizing the students in all related discipline for the first year when some of the classes would be common to all departments. This has been done to generate confidence in the students to take up higher courses both at home and abroad especial training would be given on German language and curricula so that they can undertake further study in Germany without much trouble.

The students of Bangladesh registered at GUB will get the opportunity to study some of the semesters in German Universities and get the exposure to German culture. After graduation from German University Bangladesh, the students will be the torchbearers of the German qualities & technologies in Bangladesh.

Above all, the university is new and we will put effort to promote the standard of Higher Education. Our ultimate goal will be to be the best Private University of Bangladesh.

I wish the Students every success

Professor Dr.-Ing. Saifullah Khandker
German University Bangladesh Board of Trust (GUBT)