About Us

Welcome to the IGUB

“Initiativekreis German University Bangladesh” (IGUB) established with defined vision, missions, goals and objectives in 2007 in Germany. After several meetings and elaborate discussions the members prepared a project plan. In the mean time with the initiation of Professor Dr. med. Michael Krawinkel the registration of IGUB took place in Berlin, Germany. The nature of IGUB is Non-Profit, Non-Government, Non Political, Voluntary and Charitable Organization.
Main aim of IGUB is to set up a Private University in Bangladesh with association of some leading German Universities. The new University will run under the name “German University Bangladesh in short GUB”. The prime objective of this international project will be - to introduce and expand of some yet unexplored non traditional scientific fields into the Bangladeshi educational curriculum, particularly Environment Protection Technology (EPT), Food Science and Technology (FST), Biotechnology (BT), Computer Science and Technology (CSE), Mechatronics (MT). Moreover we would also like to introduce health related subjects (a) Human Health (HH) and (b) Veterinary Public Health (VPH). In the long run IGUB intend to introduce in Bangladesh the subject Human Medicine and Veterinary medicine. Ultimate goal is to implement the latest German precisions technology and knowhow at German University Bangladesh with the assistance of highly experienced German teaching staffs in relevant fields. The University shall serve for building up a reservoir of highly skilled, scientific and technical manpower according to the global needs of the 21st century.
The ultimate visions of IGUB:
  • Implement modernized German Higher Education Concept in GUB Curriculum
  • Mixed Faculty with Teaching & Research options of German Professors/Scientists in Bangladesh
  • Access of Bangladeshi Students to German Universities.
  • Strong German and Bangladeshi ties
The GUB will have a Syndicate, Academic Senate, Finance Committee and other Committees according to the University Grants Commission rules of 2010 to direct and conduct the general management. GUB authority will be countable to the Board of Trustees.